Taxi Netanya, Taxis from Netanya in Israel

Taxi Netanya – Taxis from Netanya to anywhere in Israel

Taxi Netanya website. In this page you could call for a taxi from Netanya to all over Israel. Our services is provided up to the customer's home 24 hours a day.

Taxicab services from Netanya to B.G. Airport

The company runs a regular transportation service at every round hour, as well as according to the departure schedule at the airport.  Pick-ups are carried according

to pick upzones in the Netanya, and are subject to a reasonable waiting period of about 15 minutes. It is recommended to make a reservation 12-24 hours prior to the flight.

Taxi services from Ben Gurion Airport to Netanya

The company provides a regular 24-hour a day transportation service and according to the arrival schedule at the airport. There is no need for reservation.

In addition to taxi services to airport from Netanya

In addition to the transportation services to Ben Gurion. Airport, the company provides special travel services to all parts of the country, according to the customer's needs.